Kerala Social Security Mission


We Care


 The Government of Kerala has given utmost importance to carry out social welfare measures covering

the needy sections of the population. Kerala has taken the lead to show that state can provide social security to all those in need by harnessing its resources and mobilizing public participation. Through hard work, thoughtful stewardship, and single- minded focus on the needs of the society, we strive to make a lasting difference among the lives of children, elderly, Persons with Disability, Chronically ill, bedridden patients their families & community. Unsheltered, diseased, uncared, neglected, deviant people usually do not have a place in the modern society. However, this stark reality, if once encountered leaves a wound that does not heal unless cared for and nurtured.

This isolation and agony are a result not only of the radical changes in the economic arena, but also due to the rapid phases in the social, technological, scientific and medical scenario. Keeping this as the focus “We - Care’ intends to extend its hands to the public initiating them not only to help economically, but also making them realize the potential of the people being an impending power and aid to the government in promoting such humanitarian activities.  

The tasks of the Social Security Mission are challenging, while identifying Kerala’s Social needs are easy, their redress is not. The Government of Kerala has begun these efforts by starting Kerala Social Security Mission with a corpus fund of the State Government. There are limitations to what a government can do alone. It needs a support from all philanthropists and the leading organizations to move forward and enlarge the programs with newer initiatives that result in relevant social impact.

To achieve this aim, Social Justice Department proposes to start a gateway “We - Care” to mobilize funds. This is basically a relief fund to address the social security needs of the society. The donations/ Contributions from the public/ organizations can be collected under this project. The funds mobilized through the Payment Gateway will not be utilized for administrative purposes or overhead charges. Monitoring of this project will be assessed through statutory financial audit & social audit. Kerala Social Security Mission is proposing we - care not only to collect contribution for various charity programmes but also to propagate the message of charity, civic sense and social responsibility among the society.


To work as an umbrella organization which designs, implements, co-ordinates, assist and facilities various social security and social service activities in an effective and sustainable way. 


·         To formulate/generate a relief fund to support/assist and individual/group who are in dire need of social security.

·         To design and implement social security schemes as joint venture with the corporate, PSUs, Foundations, NGO’s individuals and LSGDs.

·         To mobilize reserve fund for the existing social security schemes of Kerala Social Security Mission.

·         To design social security schemes as per the need and demands in the society.

·         To develop individual beneficiary targeted care and support system


The entire donation to the Kerala Social Security Mission will be credited to a separate bank account under the name of ‘We-Care’. The present bank accounts opened for public contribution and FCRA registration will be operated in the name of ‘We-Care’ to receive national and international contributions. The bank account of ‘We-Care’ shall be operated jointly in the name of Secretary to Government, Social Justice Department, Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission and Accounts Officer Kerala Social Security Mission. Withdrawal of funds up to 5 lakhs shall be under the joint signature of the Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission and Administrative cum Finance Officer, Kerala Social Security Mission. Cheques above 5 lakhs shall be drawn under the joint signature of Secretary Social Justice Department and Executive Director, Kerala Social Security Mission.

The audit of accounts will be subject to statutory annual audit and social audit. The Social audit team will be appointed by Governing Body of Kerala Social Security Mission. Kerala Social Security Mission will identify prominent personalities in various fields such as NGO’s government officials, media persons, legal authorities, representative from the chamber of commerce and industry, retired high government officials and members of the charted accountants society of India as a part of the expert team members under ‘We-care’. No administrative expenditure will be met from the We Care fund. Audited statement of Accounts of WE-CARE with the comments of Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary, Finance Department theron shall be placed before the Kerala Legislative Assembly within the first half of the succeeding Financial Year.


All contributions /donations from various sources as mentioned below will be credited to ‘We-care’.

·         Individuals

·         Corporates

·         Societies

·         Celebrities

·         Foundations

·         Local Self Government

·         Government Departments

·         Endowments

·         National & International Agencies and Organizations

·         All Funds except plan will be credited to We- Care.

The following means are planned to raise funds for the project “W-Care”

·         Student initiatives

·         Road show

·         Corporate Social Responsibility

·         Charity Cess

·         Sale of products/Manufacturing products

·         Guarantee return Bonds (Inflation Protected Bonds)

·         Fixed Deposit – Deposit of 1 lakh and its multiples deposited to We- Care. After 1 year principle will be returned to depositor and interest will be utilized for the needy persons.

·          Campaigns – funds will be mobilized through various types of campaigns.

·      Family based Events/Occasions – Donations in connections with family based events like marriages, birth days, death anniversaries, will be explored. Facility will be provided to Family members to donate through Kerala Social Security Mission’s E- Payment gateway.

The following methods will be adopted for collection of fund and propagating the message of charity among the society.

·         Charity Box

·         Stamps – Sales of stamp is a handy tool to mobilize funds

·         Coupon Sales/ Coupon books

·         Discount raffles

·         Sponsorship – Projects can be wholly or partly sponsored by various organizations for specific

·         Mobile transfer

·         Lottery

·         Musical Concerts

·         Film Festivals period


One of the measures to give wide publicity to Mission’s programs is to telecast brief episodes depicting Social Justice/ Social Security issues. Paid or free insertion of articles can also possibility of charity ambassadors also may be explored. 

·         News Papers

Planting of news items/advertisements in print media can also be adopted. Measures like, a separate column for charity related activities will help a long way in creating mass public attention and awareness.

·           News letters

The possibility of giving wide publicity through Newsletters will be explored  

·         Film Actors

 Video clippings of popular cinema/ TV artists will be telecasted through electronic/media.

·         Crowd sourcing Websites

The World Wide Web opens up our fundraising network to far beyond immediate contacts. Crowd sourcing websites are very common and very successful. Profile/Project page can be set up and have people donated to We-care through these sites by various means of online banking.

·          Social Network Media

Social Network Medias like Face book, Twitter, Google Plus etc. will be utilized to give wide publicity to Mission’s activities/Mobilization campaigns.

·         Social Events to propagate the message of KSSM through

Events like Marathon events/ shows conduct by channels, celebrities sponsored programs, film festivals, religious events organized by the churches/ mosques/ temples, events organized by the organizations etc will be utilized for branding Mission’s activities.


The beneficiaries will be identified by Kerala Social Security Mission after scrutinizing applications. Modalities for disbursement of funds will be decided by the Implementation Team under Kerala Social Security Mission. The task of doing the “We Care” initiatives will be exclusively entrusted with a dedicated team consisting of at least 3-4 members at the Kerala Social Security Mission Head office.


Expression of interest (EOI) will be invited to select professional agencies for formulating & implementing various strategies for fund collection. Separate guidelines will be prepared and submitted for selection of such agencies.

REVIEW MECHANISM Kerala Social Security Mission will constantly monitor the utilization of this service through the officials of Social Justice Department & Kerala Social Security Mission of respective districts. Implementation committee and executive committee and Governing Committee will monitor and review programme regularly.


The total transparency will be maintained by e- based information and accounting system which is also available in the web site. No administrative expenditure will be from the We Care fund.


For more details, please mail us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.